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By stefan. Created 2020/11/30 23:23:45

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again again
talk to me
what's happening
that looks better
very good actually
unobtrusive speech recognition
sometimes correct
they're nice
play something
Bye Farm
I think we can access to include
accidental Python inside
talk nails
compound faster
Spelthorne council
even though it's the same
A14 now
Python identify received amount
start Python safety checker
that's added to the Arsenal
get €1
my stats
give me a message in the chat
is it bad watching add-on
I don't announce the Stream
thank you good work
time for some
switch off Christmas cake
waiting for the compile error
correct human at fault
compiling locally on The Notebook
I can hear the fan spinning up
now I'm curious
touch post
what work on it
half term annual leave market safe for now
safety net
Mr something
oh no website
turn the lights off
Mrs Coulter by the way if you start arrows
points between things on the webpage
indicates that
we have to eat we will have to have the AI
change volume
to see if we can try to run it in the pot which is kind of brave
it's done
call Adele
almost there
that's the one I think we need
text Karen that time of stuff
the first compound an executor can probably be done in one step
wake function
ok under setup his break from something
trace function
lifting functionare
how much is return the result right so we cannot return anything
Nexus between blocks and
directions from Python console
are we should maybe have a global 4th
play Mabel Python disabled
light on
alarm for 10
dependent on the flag
record error
that actually run the Python code
how does a birthday screenshot
switch off mood
be able to post
use 10A chatbot
not just this calculation
what is a proof-of-concept
what's on fight on in America
what was the next thing ad music yeah
another word Z YouTube and Beds to Cassell
is the same thing as with the speaker should be on every page and it should stay on the page when you change pages
so we have to go back to this trick or treating
action JavaScript
why not
this recall my first Python script in yourself
what's the music
turn off the lights
is There Something I can think about
what's the time
when was my second home from hospital get rid of this
threesome pneumonia
Emily Watson the negative
- 342 - 9 +
I did not say that
you have to speak very clearly for ok I to understand you
AI to understand you
ok saw this year
it's really interesting this question comes up
the world and no answers
at least I'm allowed to ask questions again
I have criticized the rules and spanned for
turn another 6-months off
stack overflow
the best behaved but it's not very good socially
excessive downvoting
the commons
M&S cotton bed on lately or no
that was not afraid that question was like
got punched in the face for every
port wine
anyway yeah bad topic
we want to have drinks that feel just like a normal link
is links here
but it should be done in Javascript and things should be kept
thinking time
what's happening
two things
apart from being edited again
smart watches not do anything
smart we change the chat bot script
solid is it OK so it doesn't mind being loaded again this step one
function defiance
type of threads
are not undefined ok
can we say return the Script
don't again
let's try
no we cannot
return value function a name
sell my scripts
time not in country and internet
do it
that's good
so now I can know the test many times as we like it doesn't hurt
sing me simply keep
what's anything called
you'll have to keep this one early after Key
things for children
at every link
everything on the page
place on
oh yeah we can replace the whole thing
liquid on
as part of the whole of the page
how long have I been streaming
so far away I can't see
3 minutes away
at sea
the moment to compose
almost completely
no compiling on the server and
that was it
embedded ok
item left the darts
parameter missing
this may be wrong I'm such a noob in Javascript still
sorry wait what
I didn't work
ok I think
I'm actually quite good at all
start off
show me
what happens if I click somewhere
oh my lord
ok xmo requests in the main thread
I'm getting
the request and I exit the function
should be ok
oh no I cannot ok
I can press the back button because I have simulator the page change
change the heater so I actually see
light on
so next week shut actually changed a while
and f*** you entitled herself
title is ignored
storing something that the application can use
nothing I'm sure
4 things we want to keep
army offline
no but the web server is not responding
oh something happened
not connected what's happening
working now
OK actually con latest posts
and you do whatever
we don't get the new title
what we can see back and doesn't do anything
so that's a back button but it doesn't work now
I just assumed
ok first title
ok latest posts
too much
Russian calling going on
entertains I haven't
so it needs a library
what's colour blind
what's something stupid like setting the timer we need to
choose another library stupid
oh here domparser
I could be used for anyway
what's greatest 11
turn off the back button
this is tricky
ok I'm pop state which is the back button event
Beatles some stuff basically we can we love your little Paige
returning the whole website into a single page app basically
it's really causing some
maybe we do need a friend set
really ugly birds
not simpler
postpone this for now
make a simple princess
new financing is also on the way
I want to smell the roses
the country life
Peter cincotti
very good