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By stefan. Created 2020/11/18 09:35:19, modified 2020/11/29 11:54:32

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Q: What is 1+1
Patterns: "1+1"
A: 2 I think

Q: What is a data set?
Patterns: dataset, data set
A: A data set is a collection of examples for an AI task.

Q: What is a bot?
A: A bot is a program you can talk to.

Q: What is a web server?
A: A web server is a machine that serves web pages.

Q: What is a URL?
Patterns: URL
A: A URL is a string that starts with "http:" or "https:".
A: A URL is the address of a web page.

Q: What does URL stand for?
A: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

Q: What is JavaX?
A: JavaX is an extension of Java.

Q: Do I need a log in to use gazelle.rocks?
A: You need a log in to post, but not to read or search or talk to bots.

Q: How do I recompile a JavaX Code post?
Patterns: Recompile, Retranspile
A: To recompile a JavaX Code post, click "Touch post" and wait a few seconds

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