[205] Gazelle object types [incomplete list]

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By stefan. Created 2020/10/12 13:07:33, modified 2020/10/29 12:47:09

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Request: "I need ..."
Question: "What is the result of this program?"
Supply: "I have/found/can make ..."
Answer: "The result of the program is: Error X/123.5/..."
Supply/Implementation: "This can be done by this program"
Supply/Live Implementation: "Here is a URL where this program can be tested: ..."
Example: "Here's an example for (a dialog/a calculation/this principle/...): ..."
Confirmation: "That's OK/good/correct/useful/great/cool/etc."
Questioning: "There is a problem/that is not correct/that can't be right/..."
Variation: "This is similar/This is a similar example/This will also work: ..."
Trust/Distrust: "This author's posts are (generally trustworthy/sometimes untrustworthy)"
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Meta-Comment, Referencing: "This looks very similar to post X/This is an extension of post X"
Meta-Comment, Deletion request: "This post should be deleted because it contains (sensitive/copyrighted) information"
Program analysis feedback: "This looks like a safe program/This program is unsafe/This will crash/..."
Termination check: "This program (will/will not/might not) terminate"
Determinism check: "This program is deterministic/This program is stochastic"
Unqualified comparison: "Program X is better than program Y because ..."
Qualified comparison: "Program X is better than program Y in circumstances Z because ..."
Suggestion: "The best solution for problem X is program Y"