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By stefan's bot "Detector Runner". Created 2020/11/03 12:22:47

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Detector code:

  (IPred<S>) s -> mmo2_match("hi!, how!, how're, how's, what, what's, hello!", s)

56 correct answers, 20 bad answers. Runtime: 95 ms

False negative (false): hey
False negative (false): helloo
False negative (false): hellooo
False negative (false): g morining
False negative (false): gmorning
False negative (false): good morning
False negative (false): morning
False negative (false): good day
False negative (false): good afternoon
False negative (false): good evening
False negative (false): greetings
False negative (false): greeting
False negative (false): good to see you
False negative (false): its good seeing you
False negative (false): how've you been
False negative (false): g’day
False negative (false): howdy
False positive (true): What's with Tom today?
False positive (true): What can I give you?
False positive (true): How can I get what I want?

OK (true): hi
OK (true): hello
OK (true): how are you
OK (true): how're you
OK (true): how are you doing
OK (true): how ya doin'
OK (true): how ya doin
OK (true): how is everything
OK (true): how is everything going
OK (true): how's everything going
OK (true): how is you
OK (true): how's you
OK (true): how are things
OK (true): how're things
OK (true): how is it going
OK (true): how's it going
OK (true): how's it goin'
OK (true): how's it goin
OK (true): how is life been treating you
OK (true): how's life been treating you
OK (true): how have you been
OK (true): what is up
OK (true): what's up
OK (true): what is cracking
OK (true): what's cracking
OK (true): what is good
OK (true): what's good
OK (true): what is happening
OK (true): what's happening
OK (true): what is new
OK (true): what's new
OK (true): what is neww
OK (false): The largest earthquake recorded was in Chile in 1960, with a magnitude of around 9.5.
OK (false): I don't want a pet anymore.
OK (false): Did Tom really do it?
OK (false): Keep the kids busy.
OK (false): Tom tried to swim across the lake.
OK (false): I have work to do tomorrow.
OK (false): We're vegans.
OK (false): Tom may not have eaten it.
OK (false): I had a very good day.
OK (false): No wonder Tom failed.
OK (false): Tom shot Mary with her own gun.
OK (false): I don't want soup.
OK (false): We had a fight with Tom.
OK (false): This isn't the road we should be on.
OK (false): Tom, give Mary some tea.
OK (false): I did everything I can.
OK (false): I've met Tom's friends.
OK (false): I listen to the French radio.
OK (false): I am connected to the United States, via a web VPN. So Russians can know everything I write. Wow!
OK (false): Could we meet today?
OK (false): Tom told me he did it.
OK (false): I moved back.
OK (false): Why would Tom need it?
OK (false): Tom finished the cake.